Tanie Pozycjonowanie Review: Check Out SEO Program Ranking Examples In Poland!


“Tanie pozycjonowanie” does just what?

“Tanie pozycjonowanie” begins coming from the succeeding belief:

- take a look at the page that ranks number 1 in Google,
- perform precisely the very same + a little better,
- and you are going to be actually amount 1

“Tanie pozycjonowanie” will examine “all” the SEO parameters that it locates out concerning the variety 1 web site in Google. This SE software program are going to automate the procedure in copying this for your web site.

SEO is greater than a software-approach!

SEO is the craft of ranking number 1 in any search motor for any kind of search phrase.

Spiders rank a web site first because they “assume” that this web site should have to be number one. Of training course the spider may not believe, as well as there needs to have to become a designer that plans the spider to find out which website is actually well.

Currently if you are brilliant sufficient to feed the crawler exactly what the programmer presumes is crucial, you will definitely have the knowledge to position variety 1.

This is actually specifically what “Tanie pozycjonowanie” carries out: it claims to know how to learn “all” the guidelines that make a website ranking variety 1.

Challenges of a software-approach to SEO

Expect you find all the criteria required to rank a website amount 1. You procure all this specifications onto your website and you also cope with to be actually rank amount 1.

Now if your site is really deserving to become positioned number 1, all is alright. If surfers start whining that you are actually not, they are going to complain like: gosh, this Google these days simply gives unworthy web sites positioned at variety 1.

It will not take long due to the fact that Google figure out that “a person broke the code” of the crawlers, as well as they will upgrade the spiders, hi, they yearn for the online search engine to give top quality back to the site visitors!

That implies that you require to obtain an upgrade of your SEO software method … in various other terms: you are operating after the facts in standing of over the simple facts.

How to be rated variety 1?

You place number 1 because you deserve it. In general spider reasoning this still means:
- your webpage refer to the search phrase you are actually enhancing for
- you webpage has great deals of incoming web links about the key phrase you are enhancing for.

This is what SEO is actually around, and also whatever you do different could create you not be number 1.

My SEO program is definitely up to day, or even is it certainly not?

Your software program may just depend on time AFTER the spiders’ software is actually upgraded. Unless you compose the crawlers on your own, you will certainly constantly be a little bit later.

You can easily not understand all the criteria the crawler takes into consideration, unless once more you are actually creating the spider software application yourself.

As well as some of the guidelines you may not determine: grow older of the internet site is actually one of them. Expect the spider needs to have to decide on between 2 sites: the earliest one and also the SEO simulate: which one to select?

“Tanie pozycjonowanie” advertisement claims you can receive a best 5 Google Ranking in under 30 Days … But the instances on the “Tanie pozycjonowanie” website inform a various story!

There are 16 sites provided at the base of the internet site along with their rankings.

Checking out those 16 web sites:

- 6 concern Yahoo rankings (as well as the ad mentioned plainly Google ranking!).
- from the 10 Google positions left behind, simply 1 is explained to position number 1 in Google.
- keying this so contacted number 1 site keywords in Google, the internet site ranks down simply number 9!
- as well as the so phoned variety 1 website keyword-phrase is much coming from a preferred keyword-phrase, in short: certainly not a considerable amount of people seek that keyword phrase ANDthe web site doesn’t rate number 1 for this search phrase …

Why do you carry out SEO from the beginning?

SEO is 1 of the techniques to acquire even more website traffic to your internet site. There is actually much more in receiving a whole lot of website traffic to your internet site, than “thoughtlessly ranking 1 in Google”:.

– Always see to it you place amount 1 for a term a great deal of folks are seeking!–.

If you purchase any type of SEO software or even outsource your SEO to the SEO experts: consistently inspect their SEO instances:.
- are they ranking amount 1.
- are actually the keyword phrases they rate for preferred hunt keyword phrases (larger than 10.000 searches a month in the Keyword Selector Tool from Yahoo’s searchmarketing is considered certainly not too low).
- how much time did it take all of them to become number 1.
- exactly how significant is the competition for the keyword-phrase (smaller or even much bigger than 5 million? As a general guideline: above 5 million keyword-phrase results in Google, factors end up being though).
- how large is the competition for the priced quote “keyword-phrase” (smaller or greater than 33.000? As a basic regulation: over 33.000 priced quote “keyword-phrase” results in Google, factors end up being though).

You may start taking them very truly if for all these products the SEO software application or even SEO expert can respond to YES!

Let us utilize “Tanie pozycjonowanie” as an example of exactly how major you should take this SEO software program.

1. “Tanie pozycjonowanie”: Are they ranking variety 1?

Yes they are actually for the keyword-phrase “Tanie pozycjonowanie”.

2. “Tanie pozycjonowanie”: Are the key words they rank for preferred hunt key words?

Depending on to the Keyword Selector Tool from Yahoo’s searchmarketing, SEO best possesses a lot less than 2000 hunts, so it is actually not that lousy, but once more, it is actually under the 10.000.

The best keywords are:.
46762 hunt for seo.
10815 hunt for seo services.
9849 look for seo company,.

and for none of these the “Tanie pozycjonowanie” site places number 1.

So “No” for prominent search keyword phrases.

3. How much time did it take all of them to become number 1?

I can not respond to that concern currently.

4. How major is the competition for the keyword-phrase

SEO best has around 1.5 thousand search engine result in Google, lower than % thousand, thus should not be to though to position amount 1 for. To ensure is actually a “NO”.

5. Just how huge is actually the competition for the estimated “keyword-phrase”

The quoted keyphrase ““Tanie pozycjonowanie”” has around 250.000 search engine result, so the competition is stiff below and the “Tanie pozycjonowanie” website places variety 1 below, in order that’s a “YES”.

6. “Tanie pozycjonowanie” results

2 YES and also 2 NO … thus for my evaluation, it “Tanie pozycjonowanie” is actually a 50-50 course. It implies it may do some great but is certainly not confirming it may do all. And the inquiry is actually: perform I definitely require to invest the loan to achieve certainly not the best goal: ranking amount 1 for a prominent key-wordphrase?

6. “Tanie pozycjonowanie”: the web site

Whenever you have an interest in something to acquire on the Internet, look into the general internet site of the product you intend to purchase! For SEO software program.

“Tanie pozycjonowanie” internet site is a 1 web page website … Now what was the very first tip to put together the Internet? To provide people relevant information, considerable amounts of relevant information.

As well as our company are actually referring to a “web” in Inter” net”: internet ways links listed here, certainly there, everywhere … (that’s why web links is so imprtant in SEO).

I really did not find some of these as well as coming from the aspect of the “information-internet” I do not such as that: a SEO software application getting on a website without lots of fascinating content as well as without loads of web links.

SEO software: read through and also examine the instances prior to you buy!

Once more this chooses all SEO software application you desire to buy on the Internet: if they mention “I ranked this website for thatkeyword number 1 in Google”, spend a few few seconds to examine it out!

1. “Tanie pozycjonowanie”: look into Google

“Tanie pozycjonowanie”’s very first sentence speak about “your webpage in Google”.

This appears promising: is “Tanie pozycjonowanie” “the” SEO software program to get me variety 1 in “the” variety 1 internet search engine.

Effectively, at the end of the monitor of the “Tanie pozycjonowanie” websites you after that reviewed:.
Using “Tanie pozycjonowanie” I place amount 1 in Yahoo for this, that, as well as extra internet site …

Oops, Yahoo! …

Therefore perform you wish to be placed variety 1 in Yahoo, or even perform you desire to be ranked number 1 in Google?
Almost everywhere I can hear you point out … You wish to be actually rated amount 1 in Google as that is actually at this second the mostused search engine of all. If you obtain variety 1 in Google, you certainly are going to have a high rank in Yahoo and MSN, certainly not the other means round!
Why starting the “Tanie pozycjonowanie” web site with Google positions and after that change to Yahoo?

However you typically would like to be actually positioned variety 1 in Google due to the fact that you must purchase “Tanie pozycjonowanie”!

2. “Tanie pozycjonowanie”’s internet site instances

The “Tanie pozycjonowanie” web site listings 16 example webpages: higher example-rankings making use of “Tanie pozycjonowanie”.

From those 16, there are 6 Yahoo positions, to ensure that leaves our company along with 10 Google ranks.

Remember my SEO search phrases policy over: SEO is actually well achievable if your key words key phrase possesses much less than 5 thousand end results in Google.

The amount of of the instance internet site in “Tanie pozycjonowanie”s website are listed below this 5 thousand?
Merely 2 away from 10.

And also the number of of those 10 position 1 in Google?
Just 1 (or a minimum of that is what they wish you to think!).

Hmmm. if I am visiting pay out big favor “Tanie pozycjonowanie”, then I would like to be amount 1. Don’t you?
Do not you only hate it to become number 2?
I do, especially when I require to purchase it!

3. “Tanie pozycjonowanie”’s site examples: The varieties are actually inappropriate!

Numbers, amounts and numbers … Always check the numbers on any type of site!
Thus “Tanie pozycjonowanie” claims to have a number 1 ranking internet site:.

* keyword phrase: know to type much faster.
* web site typingmaster.com.au.

It takes merely a couple of few seconds to verify what “Tanie pozycjonowanie” states:.
Input Google - discover to style a lot faster - and find what shows up:.

55 million results! and also certainly not 5 thousand like pointed out on the “Tanie pozycjonowanie” site.
Great you state: “Tanie pozycjonowanie” is moderate, he manages to rate amount 1 with a higher competition than mentioned!

Does he ???

Eh, you take a couple of few seconds as well as a scroll to find the instance internet site ranking number 9!

Variety 9!

Eh, yes you claim: possibly the competitors took over after the moment the “Tanie pozycjonowanie” web site was created …

Yes, but wasn’t the idea of SEO to position number 1 … except 1 day yet “for life”.
Or even was it simply a flaw like the 55 thousand that became 5 million, individuals carry out produce errors you know …

Whatever the reason for the error: you need to check out all varieties priced quote on the web yourself!

All is actually a whole lot you point out? I agree, but if the very first example I chose actually doesn’t suit the fact, after that you do not need to have to examine all.

Anyone can bring in mistakes, yet luckily we can easily check out everything what is stated concerning SEO, thus always checkanything claimed about SEO prior to spending amount of money on it!

Ranking 9 is certainly not that negative after all you claim … I acknowledge, the very first time your web site gets along the 1st page of Google is actually one you keep don’t forgeting.

I possessed to scroll to discover the SEO instance page and also simply located it due to the fact that I was actually searching for those URLstated in “Tanie pozycjonowanie”’s instance.
Simply put, if you are actually placed variety 9, it takes some initiatives of the visitor to in fact scroll down as well as opted for to select amount 9.

What is actually much more peculiar: The priced estimate keyword-phrase: “Learn to type a lot faster” has no rank on the initial web page!

Right now this is what actually bothers me: if I explore in Google for the exact words “learn just how to kind much faster” I wouldassume that the SEO Example web site would be actually variety 1 there!

Back to Basics: what is actually the purpose of SEO?

Your objective is actually getting as a lot folks to your website as possible, isn’t it?

SEO program possesses the objective of ranking 1 in Google.

Now it is actually extremely quick and easy to place 1 in Google for the keyword-phrase “jhdkghgkbdcds”, yet that is trying to find jhdkghgkbdcds??? Nobody!

Therefore if nobody appears for jhdkghgkbdcds, therefore why worry about to position variety 1 using it?

Exact same with the above example-site with keyword key phrase “know to kind faster”:.

The Overture keyword-tool claims that 448 folks are actually typing within this keyword sentence in Yahoo.

448 folks … is this a great deal?
As discussed above within this short article: Nope, and also those 448 necessity to discover the outcome instance website at ranking 9 … certainly not suitable SEO!

What is actually a good number? Anything above 10.000 but: additionally recognize that above 10.000 “the big kids’ are competingwith you, below 1000 you type of have the industry on your own. Ranking second for this instance internet site may be anticipated after 2 months, but it should be variety 1 immediately, even without utilizing SEO software program.

“Tanie pozycjonowanie” Conclusion

As I said prior to: consistently check the numbers as well as the realities regarding any type of SEO program! Likewise check the amounts in this particular SEO write-up composed 13th May 2006.

Then create a decision yourself. , if you see that the SEO software program.
- is ranking well for it is actually very own item.
- is ranking web sites for popular key phrase properly,.

merely at that point you may think about buying it.

“Tanie pozycjonowanie” will definitely review “all” the SEO parameters that it finds out concerning the amount 1 web site in Google. Intend the crawler requires to decide on in between 2 web sites: the oldest one as well as the SEO resemble: which one to decide on? SEO elite possesses approximately 1.5 thousand hunt leads in Google, much less than % thousand, therefore should not be to though to rate number 1 for. 2 YES and also 2 NO … therefore for my study, it “Tanie pozycjonowanie” is a 50-50 course. What is actually a pleasant number?